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Ash's Forest
OC by: :iconSicarius8:
Story by: :iconPhineasJamesVinci:
Quietly tucked away, between the lush mountain sides and under the blanket of the colorful autumn leaves, slept a small town. It sat by a small river that trailed off into the larger lakes. The old buildings seemed to sigh with bliss as the falling afternoon sun shone on their aged brickwork and wooden frames. The 6:00pm train could be heard chugging past the town’s lone station, which overlooked the rest of the town. This was Sicariuston, a small town that could trace its roots to the end of the civil war. And through the generations the town slowly grew to its current population of 4,000 kind souls. One of those kind souls… was an odd girl from the local high school.
The wind ruffled the branches of the trees as it rushed through, to the valley below. She only sat there on the branch of one of the tallest trees in Sicariuston’s local area. She could see it all as she leaned back on the trunk of the tree, her o
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 4 2
The Adopt

I am lucky.
I have an owner. Someone who cares about me.
Someone who didn’t sell me.
Who saved me.
I tell myself this. Every day. Because it is true. My new owner had promised me a story, and now I am going to tell it. He is helping me to write it now. He types while I paw at paper, pointing to words and he writes them. It took a long time. But it is done.
My story begins on a white background. I was nothing more than an idea, a few lines on paper. But then my creator brought life to me, and I was so happy. I barked, I howled with joy. I cuddled up with her and I stayed by her side. She thanked me by making me brothers and sisters. I was the 6th of six in my liter. Though she is not my mother, she is my creator. I loved her like a mother though. She thanked me again by giving me my coat, and all of my brothers and sisters a coat. My coat had so many colors, and I loved it. Each of us had our own coat. We could stand out, and be o
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 10 22
Benjamins Valentine's Day
A boy runs through endless halls and past infinite lockers. He sprints around corners, dodges students, and weaves around groups. He runs and runs, till he reaches a locker. In a flash he slips a piece of paper into the locker and runs away. Running. Running. Crying. Will he ever stop running? Did she even care about him? Why would she, he was weak and small. Running. He couldn’t tell her the truth. Running. He couldn’t admit his feelings to her. Crying.
Benjamin woke up in a hurry. He could not believe that he had another nightmare. About high school. In college. He tried to calm down, breathing in and out to calm down his racing heart. After a few moments he sighed and looked through his old phone for updates on his classes. It was only 7am, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to finish his day.
He got up, and walked over to the small closet in his dorm room. The sunlight only just waking up within his room as he changed into his usual soli
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 8 12
Why I Write by PhineasJamesVinci Why I Write :iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 10 38
Vol1Edi1 - Behaevial's Temple
It was a quiet night as the rich car moved along the old dirt road, through the woods and by the shores of the Kakirk Sea. The drive had been a long one and a tiring one for the driver and his boss; Behaevial Jones. Behaevial was in the warm and plush back seat; scanning over the recent sea charts that was sent to him from the Mayor of Frammonks Harbor. “How long till we arrive?” Behaevial asked. “20 minutes sir.” Responded his driver, not taking his eyes off of the road for a second. Behaevial continued to look over his charts. “Excellent. When we arrive, park next to the local inn. I shall rest there for the night. You may head back to the manor after I depart.” The driver gave a small nod to the rear view mirror. “As you wish Master Jones.”
It was not long afterwards before the fancy car quietly pulled up to the local town’s inn; “The Bold Phoenix Alehouse”. Behaevial patiently waited for his driver to open his door.
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 2 0
Volume 1 - Issue 1: 'The Death of the Universe' – Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell – Space website; “We only know 4% of the universe.”
“So what will actually happen to the universe in the end? At the moment, Heat Death seems the most likely, but we at Kurzgesagt hope that this “dead forever” stuff is wrong and the universe will start over and over again. We don’t know for sure either way, so let’s just assume that the most uplifting theory is true.” – Kurzgesagt
“That is, if we make it that far. Or if we want to.”
I guess a good way to start of this new series, in which I make public all of my feelings about the big questions or issues around our lives, is to start with a bang. Or rather at the end, as it were. Instead of going down copy-cat highway and starting with a big bang, let’s just take a l
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 3 2
The Interview
Story by: :iconPhineasJamesVinci:
Inspired by: :iconSeledrex: , and his journal tag. Ha-ha ^^;
    “Alright, this should be…. It?” The man said to himself, as he stopped along the cobbled street and walkways. He admired the architecture of the building; owned by a man by the name of Phineas Smith. Its large rotating gears and decorative pistons, its cloud-white smoke slowly trailing out from the few brass smoke stacks along the metallic roof. The machinery could still be heard as the steam powered carriages chugged back and forth along the busy cobbled street.
The man was there, in front of the house, because of his first interview. He needed to have an interview for the local newspaper company; “The Aurora Informer”. Without it, he would never get his job. Countless people have turned him down, and hope to get a job in the newspaper company of his dreams was quickly fading away, until a random passerby had advised he visit a special and peculiar
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 4 7
The Man and The Tree
Once upon a time, as all of these stories go. There once was a kind and caring man, who loved the birds and the trees, and branches swinging in the breeze. He would often travel through the woods by his town, relaxing after a long day of fixing and building, adding homes and raising hopes. To him, the forest was his retreat, and the animals and plants in it were almost like family to him.
One day, he was walking in the forest. When he came across a wide clearing, with a single tree in its center. Out of all of the trees, it looked like it was the only one that could support a house, the rest looked too weak for anything else. Upon the ground, crying aloud, lay a small family of birds. Their nest was ruined, and they cried. The man took pity, and hurried back to make the birds a home. When he returned, he began to make a birdhouse, on a long pole, as the sky started to turn dark and stormy. Luckily, he had finished just in time, as the first drops of rain fell on the birds small wings.
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 5 7
Help Wanted: One Legal Driver
“Help Wanted: One Legal Driver”;
An autobiographical narrative about the time I got my driver’s license
Story told, and written, by Phineas James Vinci
* * *
Through the entire experience with my lessons and my exams for the driver’s test, I learned that nothing is really guaranteed to you, good or bad. But at the same time, nothing is impossible if you work hard enough to meet your goals. You’d think that a driver’s test wouldn’t be this “deep” huh? But it is, and it helped me a lot. Now as for the drivers license. Everyone goes through it, everyone does it. For me it was actually kind of funny, I mean looking back, like midway through it, I wouldn’t have seen it as funny. But now a days I would. So what happened on it?
Well… before I went for my first ever test, because I had to take it twice (spoiler alert), before I went to take it, I was kind of afraid of driving in a way. I was afraid of messing up, I
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 1 0
Leaving the Nest PT1
The Journal of;
Daniel Smith
In regards to finally
Leaving the nest.
Friday, August 21st, 2015 at 10:40pm
“Day Zero”
I write this opening entry in my bedroom; the bedroom that, for over eight years now, I could safely call my own. But tonight everything changes, for tomorrow this room will no longer me my bedroom, but simply an empty bedroom.
For years I have imagined my own freedom; pacing back and forth along the aged blue carpet, rambling on and on to myself about the possibilities, always ending on that solemn note of “But not today.” I would also promise myself to not forget where I had come from; not now or ever. And, as “Day Zero” fast approaches on that swift moon-lit night, I felt it best to begin recording what had happened since my life truly began.
Before I dive into the significance of tonight, and of the beginning of a whole new chapter of my life tomorrow, I wish to pay home age and respects to my childhood, and to summarize in brief d
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 1 0
Auger's Peace PT2 [Commission]
OC by: :iconRyurei-Kizuna:
Story by: :iconPhineasJamesVinci:
Sorry for all the delays, written with dedication, I hope you enjoy. :)
The bar glowed warmly as the afternoon sun shined through the large windows, what little light that could reach into the room anyway. Danny had a whole crowd around him at this point, listening to every word that he said. He paused and got another one of Mr. Bart’s drinks. “Oh is that the time already, crud. I got to hurry this along.” He said to himself. He turned to me as I kept taking notes on his story. “So about two weeks had passed since I found Auger. And every day it was the same thing; I’d wait till late night, we would meet up, and he would give me more ammo for the food that I gave him. We quickly became friends in that hostile war. It wasn’t until something terrible had happened that I had forgotten that we still had a war to fight. A farmer’s land was set completely on fire, no food was taken
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 3 2
Auger's Peace PT1 [Commission]
OC by: :iconRyurei-Kizuna:
Story by: :iconPhineasJamesVinci:
I stepped off of the planet transport, among the sea of heads and bodies walking everywhere all at once. People bumped into my side, one small boy almost knocked the suitcase I had to the floor by mistake. It was chaos, but in a joyful way. Finally getting a chance to correct my suit, putting my “Galaxy Gazette” badge on right, and fixing up my hat, I could see the commotion that was happening before me. Banners waved around in the air above the people and the colorful stone plaza. Entertainers were keeping children happy, young couples were wishing by the central fountain, and people greeted each other like they were family. I wish I could have gotten a chance to see the statue on top of the fountain, but the crowd had consumed all of my attention. Besides, I wasn’t here to go native or to relax, I had a paper to write.
Making my way through the busy streets I made it to a friendly looking space tavern. I d
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 3 5
Wild Childs Heart CH1
I climbed the tall cliff side, my brow soaked in sweat as the spring sun grilled my back. My hands slipped many times as I attempted to get back to the top, my arms and legs ached their resentment as I continued on. Finally, I reached the top, and my limbs could have their peace as I took in the huge forest falls around me…
The ravine was large and deep, covered by swaying trees and moss along the jagged faces. A large raging river snaked its way down the cliff sides, bouncing off the layers of rock, and foaming at the bottom of the beautiful ravine. Birds chirped as they rested along the elms and pines, and I could even spot a few deer along the river’s edge down below.
I walked over to the ledge and sat down, my legs lazily swinging along the ravine wall. I opened my book bag, and pulled out my binoculars. I got them last week, for my 20th birthday. They were amazing, and as I looked through them I could see every part of the ravine. I then pulled out a drawing I made whe
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 2 2
Kacie Lionheart [Commission]
Original Character by: :iconLolEmoPenguin:
and story by: :iconPhineasJamesVinci:
The man walked into the secure office room, guarded by two armed men. He was both anxious and scared of what could happen for him and his future, his wife and one daughter. He knew he had nothing to worry about, for sure the military was not going to hurt him or the family he had, but he still worried if they would let him keep his job or not. He sat down at the polished wooden desk of the general of staff at the research location, a tall scruff man in uniform, with a large bushy moustache that would twitch at every word he spoke. His eyes for focused on the man who walked in.
“Mr. Lionheart.” The man stood at attention. The general only nodded. “At ease.” Mr. Lionheart sat down again, relaxing a bit. The general sat down at his desk with Mr. Lionheart, with eyes fixed onto his eyes. “Do you know why I have called you in here?” Mr. Lionheart
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 5 8
First Adopt Ever - from HeartlessDemonAsil on DA by PhineasJamesVinci First Adopt Ever - from HeartlessDemonAsil on DA :iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 5 14
The New Year on DA - Poetry
For my new years resolutions,
learning from last years conclusions.
Stuck no more in delusions,
basically threw my old plans into a heat of fusion.
I strived to be more healthy,
ended up with more cookies, being good and stealthy.
Ya... on second thought, athletics are well,
but for me it isn't all that swell. ^^;
But there was plans on the back burner,
that I wished I could become a learner.
From so long ago in time forgotten,
decided to get them done before they became rotten.
Since I was fourteen, DA came to my need.
Stupid school projects, way to complex.
Thank god for DA, and its community.
With its aid, keeping my grades in perfect unity.
Also from my love of writing, creating worlds oh so exciting.
To whimsical tastes of rhyming, cant you tell it was inspiring? ^^;
To short stories, to novels, to dreams of ambition,
It was time to give back to DA, it became my mission.
So the alchemy and gold, from the heat of fusion,
The one thing that has made me feel proud, no more delusions!
:iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 6 12
Here is a collection of the newest stuff that I have created. Basically this is the giant pile of stuff that I have written haha. :) Feel free to look! :D


Requests? Commissions?

:D So you need a review? :D

I would be more than happy to review something for you, and for free! I am mainly good with stories that are made, or maybe looking over a nonfiction article, like a scholar's essay. It depends greatly on what it is that you want me to see though!

Grammar Mistakes / Fixes
I am not the best when it comes to these, to say the least. I can spot the biggest of grammar errors, such as the confusion between using "a" or "an", or when using "two", "to", or "too". But do not take my word as the concrete law on grammar haha! If you want me to look at something you have made, let me know! I will add you to this list, and I will get to you when I can. :)

Current Queue: :iconluccario8:, ___, ___, ___, ___

"sponsored" critiques
You can give me points, cash, art trades, or any other incentive not listed here if you want to. I will take it, and I will thank you for it. But it will NOT influence my critique in any way. You can give me all the riches of the world, but if your content is not the best, buddy I'm gonna let you know it isn't the best. You know? Also, for any public critiques I make, and have received something for it, I will let the public know in the review what was done in the background. No review will be bought with me, so fair warning.



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I'm not gonna go on a sob-story or "PLEASE!!!" Story for points. I don't want points just thrown at my feet. I want to EARN them. So please only donate if you truely think that I have earned your support. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you all enjoy the stories that I write! :)

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My First Attempt...

Journal Entry: Tue May 17, 2016, 12:00 PM

( Click here for the full story)
Foxy Wave

Hey everybody! I hope everyone is having a great day so far!

I wanted to share with you what was going on right now. My full blog about the event covers the most of it, but basically I am going to be writing a new short story, between 2,000 and 10,000 words for a publication, in the hopes that I get my first ever work accepted! :D

I will be spending a lot of time working on it as a result, since the submission is due by the 31st of May this year. The old 8 to 5, on every weekday, you know? I will make sure that I am in touch with you guys, but I suggest that you guys follow my tumblr, Facebook, and my twitter feed to stay on top of what I do. Also, unless the story is accepted and the publication has rules against it, I will be posting the story that I write on here for you all to see and to enjoy. But here is hoping that story is accepted, since the publication is free for anyone to see, and it is much better to say "I got published!" instead of "Look at this thing that almost got published by someone!" lol you know?

Anyway, that it from me. Make sure to check out my Tumblr, my Facebook, my Twitter, here, and my website to stay up to date on all things Phineas James Vinci! Until next post, see you all next time! :hug:

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Daniel Smith
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Hi everyone! :D

My name is Daniel Smith, but I am much better known as 'Fedora Dan' around people, and most importantly as Phineas James Vinci. I am a short story, fiction, and non-fiction writer, and (occasionally) a poet as well. Currently, I am in Kutztown University, PA. It's a awesome campus and I couldn't ask for a better place to earn my Professional Writing Major and BA in English.

Currently, I also work as a secretary for 'Essence Magazine' here at the college! I help the group organize and develop print editions of the magazine, and take notes on what happens at the meetings. Come check us out!

PhineasJamesVinci Facebook:…
Essence Magazine Website:
Essence Magazine Facebook:

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Curious about the world? So am I! Check it out! :D

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This is why I write. Never forget future me. Never forget.
Why I Write by PhineasJamesVinci


You know you guys can say whatever you want (within reason) on this shoutout right? I'm not gonna take it down unless it's like really out there or hurtful for me or others. lol!
Fri May 20, 2016, 1:04 PM
PhineasJamesVinci:iconphineasjamesvinci: <--- My own webpage! Finally! :D
Fri Feb 19, 2016, 10:54 PM
*gives cookie to carebear*
Sun Feb 14, 2016, 7:43 PM
Aww.. I want a cookie. :( Oh, well. :)
Sun Feb 14, 2016, 1:26 PM
XD congrats you get a cookie lol *gives a cookie to Lykos*
Sat Feb 13, 2016, 10:11 AM
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